Monday, 15 July 2013

Hoax: Psychosis Blues

Ravi Thornton (Brin & Brent And Minno Marylebone) has rounded up 10 outstanding names of the British Graphic Novel world and somehow I managed to sneak in when no one was looking.
Names such as Bryan Talbot And Hannah Berry have been given sections to illlustrate of Ravis deeply personal project. I have just completed my 9 pages and above and below are two tiny, tiny slithers from two of the pages.
To find out more about this wonderful project and how in gods name I was invited along for the ride have a peek here!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Ashes!

As a cricket obsessive and The Ashes having started: A page from 'Tim Ginger' (Topshelf 2014) Which has a main character who likes his cricket. A coincidence? Pah!
At tea (one of the joys of cricket: we have tea!) England 98 for 2. My nerves are already shredded!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Map Of Nowhere.

Comissioned book cover design for old friend and now author Martin Bannister.

National Geographic Learning

I was comissioned by Karen Spiller & Diane Nicholls to draw 36 single tone 'strips' that were to be used in the National Geographic Learning 'Life' programme for English Language Teaching.
Great fun to do and hopefully useful!

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Art Of Pho: Motion Comic.

Having won:
Best online project- Prix Europa 2012 (Berlin)
Best use of interactive video- Lovie Awards 2012 (London)
The peoples award- Lovie Awards 2012 (London)
Nominated for the Webby Awards (New York)
FWA site of the day.

Chuffed to hear it will be plaing at Comic Con this month. Just a little to far away for my Network Rail Card to kick in. Hummf...

View from Studio Window....

Hmmm...that lawn needs cutting. Maybe I should do some drawing outside.....?

Thats Nice!

My book in the same frame as Gilbert Shelton and Robert Crumb? Always good for the ego!

Cloud Hotel

A childrens comic project called Cloud Hotel.
It's a wordless piece that deals with those cast iron crowd pleasers...loss and the head scratching nature of life!

Space Junk

This is an on going project with author Will Bingley(Gonzo. Selfmadehero). Hope to find a home for it at some point.
A small fishing port and a stranded angry cosmonaut. Whats not to like?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ghosts Of Gone Birds- Exhibition.

Piece of work on extinct birds that was exhibited in London alongsides the likes of Ralph Steadman.

Pho- Restaurant Chain- London/Brighton/Leeds

One of the series of posters Jules and Stephen of Pho commissioned me to do. Each location has it's own unique poster.

The Art Of Pho- Jonathan Cape

Shaun Tan- author of- The Lost Thing. The Arrival. Tales from Outer Suburbia.

'Part travelogue, part dream, part cookbook all wrapped in an intriguingly designed rice paper roll: The Art Of Pho is deliciously surreal.'

I'm Never Comin Back- Jonathan Cape

Rutu Modan, author of Exit Wounds

'At first I was drawn in by the delicate line and colours. Then I was captured by the subtle humour and the imaginative way Julian Hanshaw tells his stories. This was followed by a deep longing for home,which we share.'

TIM GINGER- Top Shelf Comix

Two pages from near the front of 'Tim Ginger'

First Time Out

This is the working (very rough) cover of my new book for Top Shelf comics in 2014.
A simple cover as the 120+ pages on the inside are colouful and quite complicated. I used to get annoyed at buying comics with colourful covers and finding it B&W on the inside. So I've flipped it.....