Monday, 30 September 2013


My 'on hand' books by my desk. The main bulk are in another room but depending on where my head is and what I'm scribbling at that time I'll chop and change the selection.

My studio

Have no been at my desk for a while. But now the days are shortening I always feel more inclined to sit and work. Less distractions and more conducive to knuckling down. Perhaps it's for the best I don't live in a warm part of the world.
It's not the most 'arty' of studios but I model it on my favorite author, the wonderful J G Ballard who worked facing a wall in a sparse room.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Life Boat Station

This was taken a week or so on a night walk to The Mary Stanford Life Boat Station.
This will be the location of another of my 5 site specific permanent comic strips. It was here Britian suffered its worst life boat disaster when 21 local men perished in the English Channel going to the aid of a stricken ship in 1928.
It sits isolated between Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Not Everyone Rises

This is the first 'panel' of my outside comic project 'Not Everyone Rises'. A funded project with the help of the wonderful Melanie Powell from Rother Arts.
They are site specific 2 page comics printed onto ceramic tiles. Each 2 page comic is a graphic representation of a historical event that took place there. Ranging from the last letter from a downed bomber pilot to the Mary Stanford life boat disaster, the worst in British history.
This one is situated on the Fire Hills overlooking Rye Bay/English Channel and is a study of the turmoil that stretch of coastline experienced during World War 2 as told to a young boy by his grandfather.
There a 4 other locations along the little bit of coast that I live. I will post the pics one by one. I took the photo's this morning and was happy to see people reading it as I wandered up.
If you want the exact locations do get in touch and I'll do a wee map!
Rye Bay/Dungeness in the BG