Monday, 2 September 2013

Not Everyone Rises

This is the first 'panel' of my outside comic project 'Not Everyone Rises'. A funded project with the help of the wonderful Melanie Powell from Rother Arts.
They are site specific 2 page comics printed onto ceramic tiles. Each 2 page comic is a graphic representation of a historical event that took place there. Ranging from the last letter from a downed bomber pilot to the Mary Stanford life boat disaster, the worst in British history.
This one is situated on the Fire Hills overlooking Rye Bay/English Channel and is a study of the turmoil that stretch of coastline experienced during World War 2 as told to a young boy by his grandfather.
There a 4 other locations along the little bit of coast that I live. I will post the pics one by one. I took the photo's this morning and was happy to see people reading it as I wandered up.
If you want the exact locations do get in touch and I'll do a wee map!
Rye Bay/Dungeness in the BG

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