Monday, 20 April 2015

Some Tim Ginger Pages.

I've posted below some pages from the upcoming GN from Top Shelf. I tend to work very quickly using thumbnails to map out the page structure. I will post some later to show how rough...rough is!

The next stage is I will choose certain pages to work up to get a feel of light/shadow along with the character and environments. Once this is done, for key scenes, I will then scan in the images into Photoshop (6.0! I've no need for effects) and draw up all the pages again ready to add colour. Never using the 'click and fill tool' always using a tablet and treating the screen as I would a page.

Tim Ginger: worked page before colour

Tim Ginger: worked up page before colour.

Tim Ginger: worked page before colour.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tim Ginger sketch work.

A page detail sketch from my soon to be released book on Top Shelf called Tim Ginger.
More to follow........